WWE Hall of Famer Booker T found out about the death of Bray Wyatt during a live stream

On Thursday night, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T found out about the death of Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt during a live stream with Brad Gilmore. A video clip of the emotional moment went viral on social media outlets.

Booker T later went into detail about Wyatt’s passing…

“I really don’t even know how to address this. I really don’t have the words to actually put together right now. I don’t even know the situation or anything like that. I just know, as you said, Bray Wyatt stepped away to take some time off due to an injury. I thought we were expecting Bray Wyatt’s return to the WWE very soon. This is the last thing that I would think, imagine, or have dreamed that we would wake up today to this sad, tragic news that we lost Bray Wyatt. Every time we lose a soldier, man, we feel the same way every time. We all go through the same grief every single time. Bray Wyatt, you know, he had kids. And that’s the first thing you think about, especially for me. I lost my dad when I was ten months old, ten months. Something that I have lived with my whole life. And that’s where my heart goes. My heart goes to his kids, his wife, and his family. And hopefully, there again, they can get through this. I know it’s gonna be hard. I know it’s going to be hard. Something like this is something that perhaps you can never get through, seriously.”

“You’re not going to hear any bad words about Bray. I sat and I talked with that kid many, many times. And he seemed, you know, well-grounded. Someone who knew exactly what he wanted, someone who had direction and purpose. And then we woke up, 36 years old, and he’s not here. This is one of those moments you know, where I say if you’ve got a loved one, you might want to hug them a little tighter. Because none of us are promised tomorrow. It’s just one of those things. God’s gonna call all of us one day, and we don’t know when that day will be. That’s why I say enjoy every day on this earth that you possibly can, and try to smile every day. Hug the ones you love. It’s the only thing you can do.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)