WWE Hall of Famer believes Omos has more of an upside than Andre The Giant

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” Brian James commented on Omos’ potential in WWE…

“I think no matter what you do with Omos, no matter what happened at WrestleMania, no matter what you do, Omos can walk into any arena in any city in the world and everybody in there will be in awe because I think he is that kind of an attraction.”

“He has more upside, to me, in my mind, and I know times are different and things are different, than Andre [The Giant], than Big Show, than all these guys. Big Show is a great athlete. To be as big as he was and drop kicking and, going to the top rope, Big Show is an incredible athlete. This guy is the same kind of athlete. He’s a really good athlete at that size. It’s really uncommon and it’s really cool to see. He’s really huge. I didn’t look at Big Show like I look at this guy. He’s just so tall and so high above me when you’re standing there talking to him.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)