WWE getting close to having working relationships with other companies?

With AEW developing working relationships with other companies such as NJPW and Impact Wrestling, fans have been speculating about WWE following suit.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that WWE “doesn’t like the rep that it doesn’t work with anyone in the modern wrestling world” and there is reportedly talk of the company developing a working relationship with MLW. The idea is that the deal would be similar to what WWE had with EVOLVE or with ECW in the 1990s and it would give WWE’s developmental stars an extra platform to perform.

Meltzer added that “there is also the idea of creating their own Evolve-like group as a weekly streaming show, but this would allow the guys to work on actual television and get more exposure than on Peacock and also seem like they are changing and modernizing.”

In an interview with Robbie Fox on the My Mom’s Basement podcast, Daniel Bryan brought up the idea of WWE allowing wrestlers to work with other promotions…

“I’ve brought it up to a lot of people and now is more than ever is a time when people are open to new ideas. I think I have made some headway whether any of it actually happens, who knows? I also think it would just be good for WWE and just wrestling in general. For people that are in the developmental system right now, for them to be able to go and learn in other places. I wouldn’t be the performer I am today if I hadn’t wrestled in Japan and not just like Japan where it’s like sports stuff but also like Butlins in the UK where it’s all comedy.” (quote courtesy of Cultaholic.com)