WWE champion Cody Rhodes comments on fans wanting to see him turn heel

While speaking to The Pivot podcast, WWE champion Cody Rhodes commented on fans wanting to see him turn heel…

“It is very hard to be a heel today. Very hard because what is a heel? If a heel is trying to actively take something away that you like… You’ll hear people in wrestling say ‘there’s a wrong type of heat’, there’s truly no such thing as long as you can manage it. A heel’s job is to get canceled. A heel’s job is to not be cool, to not sell merch, and I think in wrestling the term has gotten more identified with The Rock types, that aren’t really heels.”

“There’s a growing section of fans that wants to see that happen for me at some point. I understand the links, but I don’t really know if they know what they’re asking for though. If you’re really wishing for that, it’s scorched earth. Then they might be like ‘ah I don’t like that, no, that’s rude to that group of people’, no that’s the job. Someone’s going to come out and beat me up in a minute, before they do, I’m going to talk my trash. You have to really go scorched earth in this day and in 2024, it’s hard.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)