WWE announcer responds to claim that Dominik Mysterio’s microphone was turned down on RAW

Twitter/X user @DorbyAllen claimed that WWE was “caught blatantly” turning down Dominik Mysterio’s microphone during the September 11th 2023 edition of RAW. WWE announcer Samantha Irvin issued a response…

One week the crowd “isn’t reacting enough”- the next week we get the LOUDEST reactions ever and we mad at production 😭😭😭 you know y’all could just ask me instead of looking like bonafide haters just lmk

Norfolk, Virginia EASILY brought the loudest Dom boo’s to date! HILARIOUSLY LOUD. This is exactly what it sounded like in the house & y’all are the most nit-picky era of fans ever.

Listening to this audio back, this is what it was like last night 🤷🏽‍♀️ I know you don’t want to believe it, but it was really was. You couldn’t hear a damn thing he said and every time he spoke the crowd was the loudest I ever heard 💯

I don’t care about ‘piped in noise,’ ‘lowered mics’ or anything to do with production except the fact that they work their asses off to make split second decisions to ensure the house & at- home audience is entertained & experiences as much as possible.

Thank you, though 🙏🏽