Wrestling veteran says Kazuchika Okada hasn’t made a decision yet on his future

As previously noted, Kazuchika Okada is set to leave NJPW at the end of January 2024. Wrestling veteran Ultimo Dragon, who helped to mentor Okada in the business, wrote the following via Instagram…

“Okada came yesterday to meet me to let me know he is leaving New Japan. Ever since he came to Toryumon when he was 15 years old, he has always been very humble. Every time he has had an important event in his life, he always lets me know. Although he hasn’t decided yet, I’m sure he will continue to be a superstar wherever he goes. But not only that, I know he will never change and will continue to be the great man he is.”

AEW is considered to be the “frontrunner” to sign Okada but WWE is reportedly not out of the question.