Wrestling veteran critical of Cesaro’s segment on WWE Smackdown

During Sportskeeda.com’s Smack Talk podcast, wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell talked about Cesaro’s promo segment with Daniel Bryan from the April 23rd 2021 edition of WWE Smackdown. Mantell, who has worked for numerous promotions over the years as a booker and personality, said the following about Cesaro…

“For Cesaro, talking is not his strong point. Talking is not his forte. The work is great. The work is good but Daniel Bryan can out talk him. When Daniel Bryan is talking it’s like he’s talking right to you. When he’s interviewed, he’s talking right to the fans. He’s always been like this, Cesaro is not a strong talker but who’s booking the guy? They are.”

“I’m sure they took that into account, let’s let Daniel do the talking but in the process they kind of buried Cesaro, the guy they’re pushing. So I don’t know if they saw it that way when they did and I’m sure they didn’t but what I would do if I was booking Cesaro, I’d put him in the gym and give him some quick wins on TV. Put him in the gym to train and train and train and put a sign up ‘I’m coming at you’ or something like that. That is more effective than him talking for 10 minutes.”