Wrestling reporter fires back at Eric Bischoff: “Your last wrestling success was 24 years ago”

This week, wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com tweeted about AEW television viewership numbers and explained why lower viewership than the past isn’t necessarily a negative thing because fewer people have cable. Meltzer wrote, “Keep in mind 1 million in 2019 with the loss of homes is equivalent to 792,000 in 2023, a number AEW beats almost every week.” When a fan asked how Meltzer came up with the figure reduction, Meltzer replied with “Third grade math skills.”

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff quote retweeted Meltzer and wrote, “Similar to the third grade skills he brings to his writing.”

Here was Meltzer’s response to Bischoff…

“A trophy case full of awards and LA Times and Sports Illustrated asking me for stories in recent months says different, not to mention what the best sportswriter of the last 50 years who worked with me said publicly over and over. You haven’t read anything in years, and your last wrestling success was 24 years ago.”

Bischoff then wrote the following…

“Thank you! The grammatical assault you launched in this brain soup of a tweet only proves my point. #ParticipationTrophies”