Wrestling podcast host gets called out by multiple female AEW wrestlers

AEW announced that Marina Shafir will get another opportunity at the AEW TBS champion Jade Cargill during this coming Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite. Wrestling podcast host JDFromNY tweeted “Please…for the love of God…no…” in response to the match announcement.

Cargill had an exchange with JDFromNY…

Cargill: “Damn. I heard you all the way from your moms basement. Calm down Mark.”

JDFromNY: “Seemingly, you of all people, I would hope you use better insults. Quite sad you lower yourself to the fucking shit that dwells on this app. Secondly. I have ZERO problem with you. Never have, and have expressed nothing but PRAISE for you. 3rd. Marina SUCKS. Have a great day. It’s really disheartening honestly, to do what I do, and speaking highly of you, and even praised YOU to Tony himself at a media Scrum last year, and that’s the reply I get. People come at me cuz I am straight up fucking honest & its tiresome. MY DM IS OPEN IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Also, I’d like to point out, my tweet got over 1/3 the likes of the original tweet I even replied to yet, I AM THE FUCKING PROBLEM? For AEW, I am one of the good ones. Maybe someone there should fill her in.”

Cargill: “Better insults? Like what? Like I’ll buy your whack ass podcast IN REAL LIFE??!Don’t fuck with my coworkers. It’s 11:44a on a SUNDAY and I wake up to you trying to shit on someone. Don’t shit on anyone when I doubt your ass can do a pull up on your BEST DAY.”

JDFromNY: “Well, it’s 11:55am & I have a ‘pro’ wrestler that can’t handle another person’s opinion, claiming ‘don’t fuck with my co-workers’ when its within every given fucking right of mine to say WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. It’s the reason it got me where THE FUCK I AM, LIVING MY BEST LIFE. You would think I fucking murdered someone in cold blood by saying ‘so, and so sucks’ on this platform. Are you fucking serious? That’s how you, as a ‘professional’ chooses to start your day?”

Here was Britt Baker’s response…

“So it professional to post one sided/false information about what goes on backstage? We’ve been laughing at you for months.”

Rebel also gave her thoughts on JDFromNY…

“He’s not a Victim. Opinions are one thing. This is not about a singular post, he has a history of insults, False accusations, defamation, slander and libel. Enough is enough. READ it again @JDfromNY206 your defensiveness is not allowing you to see straight. ‘This is not about a singular post’ YOU KNOW what YOU have said. Not about me. ALL the women. And Men, for that matter too.”

Here was JDFromNY’s response…

“This is blatantly wrong. I have ACTIVELY spoken up about the desire to see better women’s wrestling, and better wrestling period. I have defended and fairly criticized AEW in ALL fairness. What on Earth have you listened to where I said ANYTHING wrong about the WOMEN?”

“The same ol’ tired narrative of ‘JD needs to be cancelled’, and the mob like mentality to make me look bad. I ain’t fucking going anywhere. I ain’t stopping what I do, and I am going to continue to be the show EVERYONE comes to watch when you finish your shit.