Wrestlers in AEW have reportedly expressed concern about travel schedule with the addition of Collision

As previously noted, AEW officially confirmed the new weekly Collision show for Saturday nights starting on June 17th. While there has been concern about CM Punk’s status with AEW following recent issues, there appears to be another issue surrounding the addition of Collision to AEW’s lineup of shows.

In regards to Collision affecting the travel schedule of AEW talent, Wade Keller of PWTorch.com noted that “one wrestler outright told us he didn’t sign up for working two TVs per week.” Keller added that “logistically, several wrestlers have expressed to PWTorch concern over the number of travel days each week if that is the plan.”

While there is at least one taped Collision event on a Thursday night coming up, it’s believed that AEW will produce live episodes on Saturday nights as much as possible to avoid spoilers getting out and to ensure Collision is seen as a primary show.