Woman calls out WWE for creating toy that advocates “violence against emergency workers”

In an article on The Daily Star, comments from a United Kingdom mother named Sabrina Fitzsimons were published in regards to WWE’s Wrekkin Slambulance toy…

“WWE has a huge following from littles ones right up to adults, including my 13-year-old son. I think it’s just such the wrong message. I just found it really offensive given the pressure I know the services have been under and the sacrifices that they’ve made. Is this good at any time, not just after a pandemic, to advocate violence against emergency workers? It’s never a good thing.”

“Can I ask what the logic is in advertising a toy which encourages the destruction of an ambulance (WWE Slambulance)? At a time during a pandemic when there are active campaigns to reduce violence towards essential workers? And considering what the NHS has done for us over the past year I find the toy and the advert for it offensive and inappropriate. I would like to know why your company felt this was a good toy to get behind and advertise?”