William Regal says he risked his job to help a current WWE star get signed

During an interview with dailystar.co.uk, WWE NXT commissioner William Regal talked about how he vouched for Sasha Banks prior to her being signed by WWE…

“She was the first person I went to bat for to hire, because the people who were doing the job that I do now wouldn’t even give her the time of day. I’ve known her since she was 19 and she used to be an extra at Boston. The first day, I was in catering and she came and sat and said ‘do you mind if I ask you some questions about wrestling? I wasn’t doing this job then but in the afternoon at the shows, I’d always be training outside the ring and she’d be one of the ones who would always come and talk. When it came to me getting this job… I went to them [about Sasha] and said ‘look, if this doesn’t work out, you can fire me.’ To see the way she has come through this, and to see what she’s done [is] incredible.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind me telling you this. But there are times when this job gets to be a bit of a grind – any job does. I don’t see her as much and we certainly don’t call and text one another, but I saw her a while ago, several years ago and I’d heard she wasn’t so happy. I said to her ‘how are you doing?’ She said ‘Alright’. I said ‘how many times have you been world champion?’ She said ‘Five…’ I said: ‘And was the cheque in the bank on Monday?’ and she just said ‘That’s all I needed, thank you very much!’ Just to see that she’s come through all this and become the star she has been very fulfilling.”

WWE legend William Regal says he put his job at risk to sign Sasha Banks

WWE legend William Regal has revealed that he went to bat for champ Sasha Banks – telling company chiefs they could fire him if she didn’t succeed there. Banks is the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, this current tenure one of six she’s now enjoyed with the sport entertainment giant’s top two titles.