William Regal reveals what Vince McMahon did for him at the start of his AEW run

Prior to his departure from AEW, William Regal appeared on an Inside The Ropes live show and discussed his run with AEW. Regal said the following regarding Vince McMahon…

“Mr. McMahon was very good to me, to the point of – and I will say this because for whatever he’s going through, he’s excellent to me. I had a talent contract as well as an employee contract and it didn’t run out until April (2022) because I played William Regal.”

“I started for AEW on the 7th of March, I didn’t call anybody else, I just sent a message straight to the boss. ‘Absolutely, you go.’ And still paid me till the end of my talent contract. So I was the only person to ever get paid by both companies at the same time.” (quotes courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)