William Regal deletes tweets in regards to people making “assumptions” about him

As previously noted, William Regal started back with WWE in early January and his official title was revealed as the Vice President of Global Talent Development.

On Wednesday, Regal sent out the following tweets which he ended up deleting…

“If you don’t know me extremely well, inside and out, please don’t ponce(leach)or make assumptions about me that you can’t 100% prove. You can do what you wish but I’m asking politely.I stay out of the ‘Wrestling Bubble’ & I am honorable in business.Thank you.”

“I live by ‘A still tongue keeps a wise head’. If anyone has a problem with me in our job then just call me. The last thing, which would ever happen unless spineless non entities can’t talk to me personally would be for me to start going off. I know too much!”

A fan questioned if Regal was having remorse about returning to WWE and here was Regal’s response…

“Never look at at this, people do for me.I have no remorse about anything.I don’t need a job in wrestling,I choose to stay and where I work.There are plenty of interviews of me from last year saying I only went elsewhere because DB [Daniel Bryan] asked me.I chose to keep working.I don’t need to”