Will Ospreay gives his thoughts on Triple H and wonders “what doors could actually be open”

During an interview with Fightful.com, Will Ospreay commented on WWE allowing Karl Anderson to perform at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 PPV

“I mean yeah, I’m shocked as well, but in the same sense now that Triple H is running the ship and It’s gotta be said, I think Triple H is a G. I honestly think he’s such a gangster. I’ve always liked him. I think he’s just a cool dude. Like I think he clearly watches what goes on outside of his bubble, which is amazing. And the fact that he’s allowed Karl to like have this like dual deal. I think is quite cool, but it does make me wonder what doors could actually be open. And I always want to know who is the best out of their crop. I always like testing myself, and I think it would be very very interesting if there was like a way of making that door open, but you never know.” (quote courtesy of WrestleZone.com)

At the Wrestle Kingdom 17 PPV, Ospreay lost the IWGP United States title to AEW’s Kenny Omega.