Why LA Knight could be getting pushed more by WWE as 2023 continues

As seen during the March 13th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, LA Knight lost to Cody Rhodes in a competitive match. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melter of F4WOnline.com discussed Knight’s future with WWE…

“As far as LA Knight goes, at Madison Square Garden (Sunday night), LA Knight was in the battle royal and he got a big babyface reaction. Madison Square Garden and WWE, it’s a weird thing because, if it was any other arena in the country, they’d just go, ‘Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter’, they don’t listen to the crowd. But if it’s Madison Square Garden, they do listen.”

“So it’s something to just remember, because it helped LA Knight a lot. Obviously he’s just there to basically be a guy who talks real good and then gets humiliated, that’s been his role since he got there, and he got a lot of offense in this match (vs Rhodes on Raw), they went longer than I expected them to do, and it’s because, if the Garden fans like you… The Toronto fans are Bizarro Land, the Montreal fans are Bizarro Land – the Garden fans, when they’re Bizarro Land, it counts. So it counts for him.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)

As previously noted, LA Knight was reportedly pitched as a possible opponent for Steve Austin at WWE Wrestlemania 39.