Why it’s unlikely that AJ Lee will make a wrestling comeback in AEW

AJ Lee recently trended on Twitter following the AEW debut of her husband CM Punk. Here was the Twitter caption under Lee’s name…

Former WWE Champion CM Punk has officially joined All Elite Wrestling and fans would love to see his wife AJ Lee, who made her own departure from WWE in 2015, also make a return to wrestling.

Unfortunately for fans of Lee, CM Punk shut down speculation that she will be making a comeback in an interview with NYPost.com…

“I just want to say, no. Just because [of] her neck. The reason she stopped wrestling is because of her neck. She’s got a bad neck, you know. I wouldn’t want her to jeopardize [her] health and neither would she, so we’ll put an end to that rumor right now.”

Lee retired from wrestling following the WWE Wrestlemania 31 PPV event.

CM Punk answers question everyone wants to know about A.J. Lee

CM Punk fans may not want to get their hopes up for his wife A.J. Lee to be joining him in All Elite Wrestling. The 42-year-old Punk returned to pro wrestling after a seven-year hiatus to incredible fanfare on “AEW Rampage” at the United Center in Chicago on Aug. 20.