What WWE reportedly offered Saraya (Paige) prior to her signing with AEW

As seen during the September 22nd 2022 Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite, former WWE star Saraya (Paige) made her debut with the company.

Fightful Select had some additional details regarding Saraya’s WWE departure. According to the outlet, Saraya was offered the General Manager role that she had previously held. The site noted the following about the process of her getting cleared to wrestle again…

“There’s a lot of conjecture and rumors about WWE getting Saraya numerous doctors to get her cleared, but we’re told that’s not true — to the extent that WWE didn’t have her checked at all for a return to the ring, and Saraya actually went through three extensive health checks to gain clearance for an in-ring return herself. We’re even told that WWE wasn’t interested in bringing her back prior to the new regime, and wouldn’t sign off on X-Rays to have her examined, and that the case was closed as far as they were considered.”

Triple H reportedly made an attempt to bring Saraya back and was apparently shocked that the previous regime didn’t renew her contract. It’s believed that one of the factors in Saraya signing with AEW was that she was given the freedom to do outside projects without the company taking a cut of the money.