What was originally planned for Matt Riddle’s tag team with Randy Orton

During an appearance on the My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Matt Riddle talked about what was originally planned for his tag team with Randy Orton…

“I’ll tell you this, I guess it’s just my luck with tag teams because now I’m tagging with Randy Orton, doing the RK-Bro and bro, same thing happened. It was supposed to be a one — he was supposed to turn on me night one. Like literally, he was supposed to turn on me night one and then Vince [McMahon] and the crowd and everybody liked it so much they’re like, ‘You guys willing to see if this works?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah’ and Randy was like, ‘Yeah, we’re willing to see.’ You know, we like working with each other, we’re friendly, it’s been crazy. Randy was gone for three months, I just kept the team afloat. Always talking about Randy. They’re like, ‘Oh man, he’ll be back soon.’ I had no idea when he was coming back.”

Riddle also talked about Orton attempting to help him write an apology to Roman Reigns after Riddle said in an interview that he could beat Reigns in a real fight

“I have and I haven’t [learned from Randy Orton]. One thing I have learned is don’t ask Randy to write an apology for you. The other day, I said some things about a gentleman that I work with. He’s on a different brand, he’s a champion, he’s a ‘chief’ one might say and I said some things he didn’t like and I told Randy, I was like, ‘Hey, I said some things I’m pretty sure he’s not happy about. What should I say? I should make this better’ and I sent Randy an apology that I wrote for this person and Randy looked at it, he’s like, ‘Nah, this is all wrong. This is what you write’ and then he sent me an apology back but there was no apology at all and it was basically like, ‘My bad.’ It was things like that but he knows this ‘chief’ better than I do so I was like, ‘Okay.’ I sent this apology. Let me just say, he did not accept it. He was not happy with that and I was like, ‘Dammit Randy. I can never ask you to apologize for anything or –’ yeah. So I’ve learned don’t ask Randy to do an apology for you.” (quotes courtesy of PostWrestling.com)