What Vince McMahon allegedly said about FTR (The Revival) while the team was in WWE

During his podcast, Dax Harwood of FTR reflected on what Vince McMahon said to him and Cash Wheeler when they were The Revival in WWE…

“And that’s when [McMahon] says, ‘Everyone tells me that you guys are the next great tag team. Everyone tells me you’re the next Arn and Tully. Well, that’s your problem. You are the next Arn and Tully. You’re just great wrestlers. That’s all.’ And he walks off. And I’m like, this son of a bitch thinks that he just hurt my feelings by saying that. But he didn’t. He made my dreams come true by telling me that we’re the next Arn and Tully. That we’re just a great tag team. We’re just great wrestlers.”

“He just didn’t like us. He wasn’t enamored with us. I think it had a lot to do with this accent that I have…he didn’t like us for some reason. And he made sure to tell us that that day. With our brand new belts in our hands, on a high. We’re the first ever WWE triple crown tag team champions. WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT, no one else had ever done it at the time, except for us. And we were so proud of that moment. And he decided to take a shit on us at that moment. That’s the kind of thing as a human being I will never forget, how you try to make people feel. Because the fans were with us, so obviously we didn’t hurt your business. We went out there, put our life on the line, for you, for your company, and coming back to the back with as much endorphins running through our body, and you decide to say that to us. That’s one of the things I can’t ever forget. And we talk about what I’m gonna do in the future, and now that I think about that, and with him back at the helm, ugh, makes things a little questionable for me.” (quotes courtesy of CagesideSeats.com)