What Tony Khan allegedly said about Daniel Bryan possibly signing with AEW

During his recent Keepin’ It 100 podcast, AEW personality Konnan talked about a recent conversation he had with AEW President Tony Khan in regards to the reports of Daniel Bryan signing with the company…

“I will tell you this because I did ask Tony Khan [about Danielson signing with AEW], and the only reason I asked him was because I wanted to use Bryan Danielson in AAA.”

“So I was like ‘Hey man, have you signed Bryan Danielson?’ and [Khan] goes ‘You know I can’t tell you that’ and then I looked at him and I go ‘If that motherf***** shows up in Chicago [for All Out] that place is gonna melt’ and [Khan] just smiled. So, I think he might have but he has not told me.” (quotes courtesy of Bodyslam.net)