What Rhea Ripley is doing to improve as a WWE personality

During an appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, WWE RAW women’s champion Rhea Ripley talked about what she is doing to improve herself as a WWE personality. Ripley said that she is taking acting classes due to her lack of confidence in real life…

“My confidence isn’t huge in my everyday life. I’m a really shy person and I’m not good at keeping a conversation and being a larger-than-life person. When I’m in the ring, that’s where I get all my confidence and where I get to be Rhea Ripley, but still myself, which is weird to say out loud because it doesn’t make sense but then it does when you’re there doing it. I want to be myself, as in Rhea Ripley, but I want to have that confidence that everyone else seems to have all the time. I’m working on it.” (quote courtesy of Fightful.com)

Ripley also commented on her match against Asuka at Wrestlemania 37…

“Getting in the ring with her and finally getting that moment to face her, I was so excited and so pumped. It definitely did live up to my expectations. I wish that we did get to wrestle a little beforehand so we’d know each other that much more, but it was still amazing to me. I had so much fun.”

“That’s a dream of mine to have an actual live performance. Especially at WrestleMania! That’s a dream for many people, I’d guess. It was just so surreal and so special. It definitely did feel more like my first true WrestleMania moment.”

“I’m so glad that we had it on two nights because the first night I got to go out on-stage and get teary and take it all in and be the emotional wreck that I knew I was going to be. Then, the second night, I got to be all business. Just go in there and bring the brutality.”