What people are saying about CM Punk’s behind the scenes meeting with Chris Jericho

It was recently reported that CM Punk was going to be involved in a meeting with Chris Jericho leading up to Punk’s return to AEW television. It’s believed that the meeting took place and Wade Keller of PWTorchVIP.com stated the following regarding it…

“I heard the meeting took place with Jericho and FTR. I think it was supposed to be on Friday I think. That might have been why was in Tampa [Florida] and I just heard from one source that it went well.”

Fightful Select also had details regarding the meeting. It’s believed that “the meeting was relatively uneventful all things considered, and especially when taken into consideration the issues the two have had.” It was added that “sources familiar with the situation also claimed that it seemed as if the two could end up working together without issue, but also pointed towards Punk’s recent history, as well as Jericho’s long-term history of welcoming confrontation.”