What MJF allegedly said to a WWE talent about possibly joining the company

In 2022, MJF teased that he would take AEW world title to WWE and he has been using the “bidding war of 2024” slogan on various occasions. While MJF has publicly commented on his contract being up in 2024, Fightful Select noted that some people in WWE don’t know when his deal actually expires but they are “very interested” in finding out. The site stated the following…

“MJF has told anyone that asked the same thing that he says on AEW TV — that his deal is up at the start of the year. This extends to WWE, as well. Including one WWE talent outright admitting that MJF said ‘I’m looking forward to being there in 2024,’ before noting that while MJF wanted them to think he was serious, they take it with a grain of salt. Word of him saying that had made its way to other talent there, as well.”

MJF is set to defend the AEW world title against Bryan Danielson at the 2023 Revolution PPV.