What is reportedly planned for the WWE brand split heading into the summer of 2022

There has been speculation about the state of the WWE brand split with Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com recently stating the following during Wrestling Observer Live

“They [WWE] haven’t officially said anything, but the brand extension is essentially done. Half of the Raw crew is going to be on Smackdown Friday. Cody [Rhodes] is going to be there, I think Seth [Rollins] is going to be there. They’re just going to do whatever.” (quote courtesy of WrestlePurists.com)

Andrew Zarian spoke with a source from WWE regarding the brand split’s future heading into the summer of 2022…

“Spoke with WWE regarding the brand split this morning. WWE source stated that the brand split will not be ending. However, the current plan is to have more individuals jump from brand to brand depending on storylines.”

Zarian added that “it will be more than just that [The Bloodline] storyline” and “not all talent will be on each show just more of a cross-over than usual.”