What is reportedly holding up Drew McIntyre’s return to WWE television

As previously noted, Drew McIntyre has reportedly been out of action in WWE due to a “health issue” and there have been rumors of McIntyre possibly leaving the company when his contract expires.

In regards to what is holding up McIntyre’s return to television, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that it’s “basically more a creative issue regarding what they want, what he wants, and when they agree to it.” Meltzer brought up how WWE could freeze/extend McIntyre’s contract due to the time off and it’s believed McIntyre “has not asked to leave but they have not agreed to a new deal.”

While it was reported that McIntyre is listed internally as a babyface on the RAW roster, Meltzer speculated that McIntyre could turn heel and have an “obvious spot” against Seth Rollins. Meltzer also noted that when the idea of a new world heavyweight title was introduced, McIntyre was one of the names under consideration to be the first champion along with Rollins and Cody Rhodes.