What is being said about WWE’s current strategy when it comes to re-signing talent

In addition to Dominik Mysterio signing a new WWE contract, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com reported that Dominik’s father Rey has also re-signed with the company. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer discussed the company’s current strategy when it comes to contracts…

“They’re [WWE] obviously very happy because they signed both of them. Both of them could have waited until free agency, and at that point, they could have gotten probably a giant offer from AEW and a giant offer from WWE. But obviously, WWE really made it worth their while, which was what I was told is that they are going to they were looking at longtime deals with, greatly increased compensation for the guys because they don’t want free agents right now.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

Mysterio is currently off WWE TV while recovering from knee surgery. Rey turned 49 on December 11th and previously stated that he wants to retire by the age of 50.