What is being said about Vince McMahon’s backstage behavior over the years

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has announced his retirement from WWE.

According to Fightful Select, there are people within the creative process of WWE that have claimed many of the writer assistants effectively needed to “filter” McMahon and know what not to write when taking notes for him. Fightful went into more detail…

“We’re told this has largely the case for a long time. It ranged from Vince saying things that would appear insensitive or offensive, to ‘oh god, what did he just say?’ moments, all the way to simple kayfabe things as well. Some of the stories included McMahon constantly calling people the wrong names, or using terms that weren’t socially acceptable, and that even he himself would have never allowed on television.”

It was also noted by a former production employee that while there were times Vince was in a good mood, he would “blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle.” Another person said, “there were so many things that Vince insisted on doing that I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember doing over and over again, even when people would tell him.”