What is being said about Roman Reigns’ next WWE Universal title defense

When the 2022 Money in the Bank PLE was moved from Allegiant Stadium to the smaller MGM Grand Garden Arena, WWE unified champion Roman Reigns was removed from promotional material. SI.com later confirmed that Reigns is no longer scheduled to compete at MITB.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com mentioned Summerslam as being the next time Reigns will defend the title at a PLE…

“July 30th. He may actually wrestle on TV before that, but July 30th is his first pay-per-view championship match. He may do a television match before then. If he wrestles Riddle, it’ll be on TV. It won’t be on pay-per-view. At least that’s the plan right now.

The plan is still [Randy] Orton for July 30th. I mean, obviously, they were building up the Riddle and Reigns match on Monday, so I’m presuming they’re going to do it, but I was told it would not be a pay-per-view match if they do it and it’s not 100% that they will, but you would think that they will, so that would lead me to believe it’d be a TV match.” (quote courtesy of RingsideNews.com)

During Monday’s RAW, Riddle said he would be going to Smackdown to confront Reigns.