What is being said about Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green possibly returning to WWE

In recent months, Matt Cardona and his wife Chelsea Green have both publicly commented on potential WWE comebacks. According to Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport.com, Cardona and Green could return to WWE together in similar fashion to Mike and Maria Kanellis in 2017.

Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following to Dangoor about the duo possibly coming back under the Triple H regime…

“I’ve heard because he’s done on the indies that Hunter is a fan of his. Cardona is not shy about being a lifelong fan and Hunter likes people that that don’t shy away from growing up in this business. Hunter would 100% take Matt Cardona back, but I don’t know if that offer has been extended.”

“If he comes in with Chelsea Green, I don’t know. I know he really wants Chelsea back. Specifically, I know Shawn Michaels loves Chelsea Green, so if they want her you would think they kind of make a two-for-one offer, like we’ll take both you guys if you want. I would assume she comes back from what I’ve been told they do like her, specifically Shawn, and although she’d be would be working main roster from what I’m told, she’s got supporters there.”