What is being said about longtime WWE executive Kevin Dunn’s future career plans now that has left the company

As previously noted, longtime WWE executive Kevin Dunn has left the company after nearly 40 years.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, who first broke the story, reported that Dunn is looking into potential film and television projects down the line. Johnson doesn’t expect Dunn to work for any other wrestling companies.

Johnson also wrote the following…

“It’s also interesting to note that while he was praised on the way out, there continues to be a growing belief that Dunn exited because he felt disrespected and was a ;Vince McMahon Guy’, as one source stated. Let’s be honest – Dunn was THE Vince McMahon Guy.”

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com also stated the following about Dunn’s departure…

“It was Dunn’s decision to leave, which one source said dated back about two months when Endeavor started wanting to make budget cuts to improve profitability in the department and started making decisions on the production side without relying on his opinions. Dunn had been basically autonomous in his position for decades, only having to answer to Vince McMahon. With McMahon out of power many did feel this was inevitable.”