What is being said about FTR’s relationship with The Young Bucks amidst CM Punk situation

FTR and The Young Bucks last wrestled against each other on the April 6th 2022 edition of Dynamite. There were rumors of them having another match at the 2022 All Out PPV but it didn’t happen.

Considering FTR’s friendship with CM Punk, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed the team’s relationship with The Young Bucks amidst Punk’s backstage issues with The Elite during Wrestling Observer Radio

“FTR and Omega, the Young Bucks, they’re all fine. Some people think it’s like this divide with Punk and FTR against these guys. With Punk, there’s still fence mending that needs to be done for them to work together and everything like that. It could happen, it may not happen, time will tell. But with FTR, it’s fine. There’s nothing at all that would hold up if they wanna do a tag team title program at some point, you know, (hypothetically) tomorrow, everyone’s cool with that. FTR worked really hard on that too. They went out of their way to get that done. There was stuff there of course, but it was not nearly as bad of an issue as it was with Punk. It was much easier to mend, so that’s all taken care of.” (quote courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)