What is being said about Bruce Prichard’s status with WWE under the Triple H regime

As previously noted, “Road Dogg” Brian James has been brought back to WWE in the position Jeff Jarrett held as Senior Vice President of Live Events.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that Jarrett’s hiring was a move suggested to Vince McMahon by Bruce Prichard. There is speculation about Prichard’s status with WWE since he isn’t considered to be a member of Triple H’s team. Meltzer stated the following about Prichard’s future under the Triple H regime…

“Prichard is a guy who gets that his job is to service his boss. Talent thinks he’s a Vince McMahon guy with more of an idea of the entertainment side and that Levesque [Triple H] is more wrestling, but I think Prichard will service whatever vision Levesque wants. Nobody expects a lot of changes in a hurry but they do expect changes as Levesque will more and more bring in his guys.”