What former WWE star Nia Jax has planned for her future

Former WWE star Nia Jax did a Q&A with fans on Instagram and here were the highlights…

Post-WWE plans: “Starting a business. Growing some cool things on my farm.”

Possible podcast appearance: “Yes!!! I’m definitely going to spill some tea with my girl @ReneePaquette.”

How her knees are doing: “Soooo good! Definitely a work in progress, but haven’t felt this good in years! Highly suggest @KneesOverToesGuy for helping rehabbing.”

How much of Total Divas was scripted: “98%”

How people backstage reacted to the “my hole” moment: “Walked back into Gorilla and everyone was hysterically laughing.”

Why she was released from WWE: “I was told budget cuts.”

Nia also wrote the following regarding Instagram trolls…