What Bray Wyatt said during the October 14th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown

In the final segment of WWE Smackdown on October 14th 2022, Bray Wyatt came to the ring (with new entrance music by Code Orange) for a promo and said the following…

“I don’t know if y’all can read this on me, but I’m incredibly grateful and I’m really, really nervous to be here. But I never thought of this would happen. This right here, this is just me, okay? This is a version of me that I’ve never got to introduce to you guys before. This is just me being me, genuine me for the first time. I just want to share with you, this past year in my life, I lost a lot of things. I love you, too. I lost my career, I lost my self confidence. I lost two people who were very, very close to me, and I lost my way. And I got to a point where I thought that everything that I’ve ever done here, otherwise I thought it was all meaningless. Nothing I ever did has mattered to anyone. And I was wrong.

Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and I decided to go out in the world again and see people everywhere, they would say, thank you, Bray. Ma’am, when you coming back home? And then every once in a while, there would be someone I would meet that’s truly remarkable and you know who you are. But these people, they would come to me. They would come to me and they would say, brave, I just wanted to thank you, man, because I was in a time of need, and I lost people that were close to me, and I lost my self confidence, and I felt weak, and I felt vulnerable. And in this weakest day, I found your words, Bray. I found your words. And I just wanted to thank you, man. You saved my life. Bray the truth is, I don’t think about stuff like that. And the thing about that is that I can sit here writing out today and I can look all of you in the eyes, and I can say that you were there when I was weak, when I was vulnerable, when I was down. So I just wanted to say thank you. You all saved my life.”

The end of his promo was interrupted by a titantron video of the masked Wyatt with a voice saying, “You don’t know who you’re dealing with, little one. But you will…” and the show abruptly went off the air.