Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard to be producing the new WWE NXT?

Here are some news items regarding the WWE NXT brand heading into the new era that begins on September 14th 2021…

* Bryan Alvarez of noted the following regarding the production of the show…

“Anything is possible but I talked a while ago about how we’re gonna have a new NXT. It’s gonna be like the old NXT. I have heard from several people now that when they go back to live shows, this is going to be a Vince McMahon-Bruce Prichard production.” (quote courtesy of

In additional what Alvarez said, Dave Meltzer noted that McMahon and Prichard will be involved with the “big” decisions and will be behind marketing, promotion, and direction of the brand.

* According to Mike Johnson of, WWE is planning to bring back the Halloween Havoc concept for an NXT episode in October.

* WWE filed a trademark for the term “Von Wagoner” which could possibly be for Cal Bloom. Mike Johnson stated that it “isn’t 100% set in stone but that story has been making the rounds.”

* Last week, WWE filed for a trademark for the new NXT logo and color scheme.