Vince McMahon allegedly “did not laugh once” during any of Breezango’s skits in WWE

In an interview with Steve Fall for, former WWE star Fandango (Dirty Dango) talked about his tag team with Tyler Breeze in WWE…

“Breeze and I aren’t super close friends, but we are friends. We don’t talk every day but he’s a really good businessman and he’s very proactive. He’s always pitching ideas, he texted me when I was coming back [from] a meniscus scope I was out for a few weeks. He goes ‘Listen, they’re not using us. Instead of us just selling backstage and tweeting about how we’re not being used, let’s just do everything we can so if we do get released, let’s not give them any hooks to hang their hats on and just be proactive [about pitching things].’ We would come to TV every week and we would grab one of the dot com guys and just start cutting promos and then it kind of organically grew into the Fashion Files and we would dress up as cops and we ordered gear from Amazon and it started to get a lot of traction online. The social media guys loved working with us and I think during the production meeting, they’re gonna [talk about these segments and explain] that they’re getting a lot of social media buzz. They would go off of social media attraction and stuff and that’s how the Fashion Files started on television.”

“From day one to the last day we did it, Vince did not laugh once. He did not understand any of the jokes, he didn’t get any of the pop culture [stuff], any of the movies. [He did] not understand it, he didn’t like it, but he knew the fans liked it, so he kept it on his show. Yeah, he didn’t understand any of it. There would be people in gorilla watching the segment and everyone would pop while the segment was airing and Vince would just look around and be like ‘What the f*ck?’. The dry sense of humor, it just wasn’t his thing you know. If you’re a 70 something year old guy, you’re probably not getting Twin Peaks jokes you know, it’s understandable. It’s nothing against him, he didn’t like it at all, but he knew some people did.” (quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)