Video: What happened with John Cena during the 9/1/23 edition of WWE Smackdown

The September 1st 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown opened with John Cena in his first television appearance since the Money in the Bank PLE. Cena said the fans gave him the opportunity to be back for months, wrestle for the first time in India, and be the host of the 2023 Payback PLE.

Cena’s promo was interrupted by Jimmy Uso who had new entrance music. Jimmy said he didn’t want his brother Jey to be corrupted like Roman Reigns… and Cena. Jimmy said they are exactly alike as they both take but the only difference is Cena does it with a smile. Cena responded by saying the wrong Uso quit. Jimmy tried to superkick Cena but Cena caught him and laid him out with the Attitude Adjustment.