Video: Trish Stratus explains why she turned against Becky Lynch

During the April 17th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Trish Stratus cut a promo and explained why she turned against Becky Lynch

“I took out Lita. Yeah. And the reason I needed Lita out of the picture is because I needed it to be crystal clear that the person who screwed Becky Lynch out of her titles was me. Becky, do you remember that moment when you put your arm around me and you said in your stupid little accent, ‘good try, Trish. We’ll get them next time, friend.’ Becky, I am not your friend. And there will be no next time. And I made a point that very moment that I was going to make everything right. And I took out the man, just like that.

Oh, you guys don’t like that? You didn’t like that. Oh, you didn’t like that? Guess what? I don’t care. Because I wasn’t about to let Becky Lynch or any of you rewrite history. I am not a nostalgia act. I am not your childhood fantasy, and I sure as hell am nobody’s side kick. I am the greatest of all time. And I am the single most important figure in the history of WWE. And I’m here to make sure none of you forget it.”