Video: MJF addresses backstage drama and Tony Khan after AEW Dynamite ends

After the November 16th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite went off the air, MJF cut a promo in front of the fans. MJF brought up recent backstage drama in the company as well as AEW President Tony Khan…

“Everybody listen to me real quick. A lot of bullsh*t has gone on. A lot of bullsh*t. We all know it, we all know it. However, let me make something crystal clear. Me and you, we’ve been at odds once or twice. I’m not gonna stand here and pretend that’s not the case but there’s something I take issue with that I’ve been seeing lately. Everybody makes some noise if you’re a fan of professional wrestling. You guys think you’re wrestling fans. Imagine for one second if you have the opportunity to bring your love of professional wrestling out to the world and create an alternative, would you do it? This man right here [Khan] busts his ass week in, week out to give not just you but to give all the boys in the back an opportunity to show the world how much we love professional wrestling. This shit is not ballet. Every time we get in this ring we are risking our lives, do you people understand that? We don’t take that lightly, and what I damn sure don’t take lightly is somebody coming in to my company and dropping in trow and taking a dump. That shit ain’t happening anymore. Because this is the place and the only reason why it’s here is because of Tony f**king Khan.”

“Without AEW professional wrestling is a monopoly and do not get me wrong. I love WWE trust me. I love WWE. However, hear me out. Hear me out. Your favorite wrestlers don’t get paid properly and don’t eat properly unless Tony Khan makes that alternative and I’m going to finish it with more honesty. Tony I’m just gonna keep it real with you. I’m carrying this goddamn place in my bag. If I were you, I would pay up in the bidding war of 2024. Connecticut, you crazy motherf**kers better buy this pay-per-view to witness history because MJF is taking home the gold!” (quotes courtesy of