Video: AEW debuts new set and opening video for Dynamite’s 3/6/24 “season premiere”

The March 6th 2024 “season premiere” of AEW Dynamite kicked off with a brand new opening video. The song in the new intro is titled “POP” by Mikey Rukus. There is also a new set along with updated graphics for the show.

Michael Mansury, an executive vice president who is Head of Global Production, said the following to regarding the changes…

“We have a phenomenal partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, and this is a result of both sides coming together to create the final product. We also have a phenomenal post-production team, with so many great, creative people.”

“Plus, our fans are very passionate. We listen. We’ve heard the calls for the old-school AEW vibes. We believe we’re delivering the next evolution of AEW with a tap of the cap to what got us here. I hope this is a look and feel our fan base is going to appreciate.”