Victoria comments on possibly having another match in WWE

WWE legend Victoria, real name Lisa Marie Varon, had noteworthy runs in both WWE and TNA (Impact Wrestling) during the 2000s. Although quietly retiring from wrestling after a match with Melina in 2019, she has not ruled out the possibility of one last run in WWE.

Here are highlights from an interview with Just Alyx

Possibly coming out of retirement for a WWE match: “It has to be presented to me with a storyline. Like, which opponent am I going to be facing? There’s a lot to consider, like how much time I have to get ready because that would be a make or break for me. ‘We want you to come back in a week.’ The fans are going to crap on me. I can’t get ready in a week for a match. Not with the caliber of girls they have now. I would need some time to prepare.”

Bayley: “She [Bayley] was such a big fan of mine. She actually texted me the other day. ‘Hey, do you mind if I take your spinning Sidewalk Slam?’ And I go ‘Oh, the Spider-Web? I’d be honored. I’d be so honored.’… I wouldn’t be offended if anybody took [my finishing move] the Widow’s Peak. I’m not in the business anymore. It’s an homage to me, because they watched me. But Bayley is one that is just so kind and giving.”

Widow’s Peak finisher: “Molly Holly went to an independent show, and she came back, and she said, ‘Victoria’ – we called each other by our characters, we never call each other by our real names … She came back, ‘Victoria, I’ve got a move for you. I went to an independent show and saw this guy, Roderick Strong, do this move.’ And I was the bigger girl of our clan, our show, and I could pick up everybody, so I was the muscle. I was the base, you know, the cheerleading base, catching everybody. And she taught me. We did it on the outside of the ring. She took it, and everybody went (gasps).”

“I think, one time, Lita [kicked out of the widow’s peak], and it was Lita, and I got yelled at backstage. I was like, ‘Well if anybody’s going to kick out of it.’ They’re like, ‘You never let anybody kick out of your finisher without help or a foot on the ropes or something. I don’t remember where [or] when the match was. I’ll be honest with you. It was before the cage match, but I got a lot of heat backstage.” (quotes courtesy of