Veteran wrestling personality warns Jungle Boy about “damaging his body quickly”

As seen during the May 17th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jungle Boy had a match against Rush and was thrown off the apron onto the floor at one point. Veteran wrestling personality Dutch Mantell tweeted about the spot…

“Guys…if somebody knows Jungle Boy, just mention great bump. But remind him that he’s damaging his body quickly. Fans remember that bump 10 minutes. He’ll remember it when he’s 60 and halfway paralyzed. Good luck.”

“Ol timers used to tell me the same thing. Slow down and cut out those big bumps they’d say and we weren’t doing anywhere close to what these kids today are. That bump won’t sell one ticket or one PPV. But it could’ve been a trip to the ER and worse. Then what?”