Veteran wrestling personality says Tony Khan “is not that smart”

During his podcast, veteran wrestling personality Jim Cornette discussed AEW and the possibility of CM Punk being brought back…

“I don’t believe he [CM Punk]’s gonna come back or that he would come back and continue to do what he did for the company which was TV ratings and million dollar pay-per-view gates etc., unless Tony sits down with his EVPs and says, ‘You guys need to go mend some fences. There needs to be some kind of apology, settlement, agreement to move forward amongst you guys, because we need this guy.'”

“I don’t think anybody is going to accuse Tony of being a crook or a manipulative, you know, like a Paul Heyman figure that’s manipulating everybody from behind the scenes for his own selfish purposes. He is not that person, he is not that smart. That’s why he is where he’s at because he came into wrestling thinking all these guys were going to be his friends because he is giving ’em jobs and everybody’s going to be happy with each other because everybody enjoys each other in the wrestling business.” (quotes courtesy of