Updates on the rumored WWE television returns of Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton

With the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank PLE taking place this Saturday in London, England, there have been internet rumors regarding several top WWE stars potentially making their returns to television. Here are the latest updates…

Brock Lesnar: Twitter account @WKRDWrestling tweeted that “Brock Lesnar is expected to appear at Money In The Bank to set up a third, gimmick match with Cody Rhodes at Summerslam.”

Drew McIntyre: While it was reported that WWE was attempting to have McIntyre return for MITB, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com noted that “he’s not on the tour and some of those same sources were far less confident in recent days.” Johnson added that if WWE is planning to bring back McIntyre for the show, “it’s being well hidden thus far.”

Randy Orton: Steve Carrier of RingsideNews.com tweeted that “WWE is making a lot of plans for Money in the Bank, but don’t expect to see Randy Orton. We were told, ‘everyone internally knows his timetable, and this is not it.'”