Updated details regarding Vince McMahon’s presence at WWE meeting following Endeavor acquisition

As previously noted, WWE held an employee meeting on Tuesday at the new WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT following the completion of Endeavor’s acquisition.

Vince McMahon attended the meeting and reportedly made a comment about how WWE had “plateaued” and the deal with Endeavor needed to be done to get to the next level. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com provided some additional details about Vince’s presence at the meeting…

“Several WWE employees who were in attendance at yesterday’s meeting sent word that Vince McMahon was actually using a cane to walk up the stairs to the stage [Vince recently had spinal surgery] and then to walk to the podium where he spoke. They also noted that Vince was in his moment, playing up to the employees that ‘I’m Vince McMahon, damn it!’ when he didn’t get a big round of applause and then remarked to them, ‘This is when you are supposed to clap’, motioning for a response and later when they did clap, he joked, ‘You’re learning.'”

Johnson added that there were hundreds of people present and while most of the executives stayed to chat with employees, Vince did not and immediately left after the presentation.