Updated details regarding Rey Mysterio being injured heading into WWE Wrestlemania 40

As previously noted, Rey Mysterio had knee surgery following his angle with Santos Escobar on the November 10th 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown and the hope was that he will be back in time for WWE Wrestlemania 40.

During an appearance on Konnan’s podcast, Rey provided more details regarding his injury…

“Just wear and tear. This time, it was my right knee. I’ve never had any injuries on my right knee since 97 when I had my first surgery in WCW. The left knee kept on breaking down every other year, sometimes a little bit longer. Numerous ACL tears. The last big surgery I had on my left knee was in 2011. This time, you put in all the years, I’ve been favoring the right knee for the left one and finally, I tore the meniscus on my right knee. It’s six to eight weeks. I’m in week four. I’m getting a personal trainer at the beginning of the year that’s going to work with me just so I can work on my lower body and strengthen up my hips, my quads, my legs in general so I can resist. I’ve never had a personal trainer that can train me, kind of like UFC fighters train, so I can use most of my power from the hips down.”

“I know that I’m slowing down, the older I get, but I can make things look faster just by being in the business so long, that keeps the fans perspective of ‘he hasn’t slowed down.’ I can go out there every time and pour it out. I don’t know how to hold back. I know how to hold back on movements and stuff I know I can’t do, like pushing off my left knee is really hard. I know personally that I’ve slowed down over the years. I try to be very innovative and creative with my style that it makes it seems that I haven’t slowed down.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)