Hall of Fame

Update regarding plans for the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame and NXT Stand and Deliver

As previously noted, WWE confirmed that both the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony as well as NXT Stand and Deliver will take place during Wrestlemania 38 week.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, the current plan is for the HOF to air after right Smackdown on March 31st. Johnson wrote the following…

“While there is no word if the show would take place live or be taped ahead of time, as of today, we are told the current working plan would be to have it air after Friday Night Smackdown is off the air on FOX, so that would mean the HOF broadcast couldn’t start until at least 10 PM EST, which would be 9 PM in Dallas.”

As for NXT Stand and Deliver, Johnson noted that the current plan is to air the show on Saturday afternoon prior to night one of Wrestlemania 38. Johnson added that the plans for the HOF and NXT are “very preliminary” and could be changed.