Update regarding Liv Morgan’s recovery from a shoulder injury

As seen during the July 24th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Liv Morgan was attacked by Rhea Ripley. Rhea ended up wrapping Liv’s arm in a chair and stomping it twice. Liv, who had just come back from a shoulder injury, was believed to have been legitimately injured again and the angle was done to write her off television.

During an interview with DallasNews.com, Raquel provided an update on Liv’s recovery from a shoulder injury…

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Liv. She’s doing great. She’s really recovering well. She’s in very good spirits, and of course, she’s very, very anxious to come back. I don’t have a specific date of when she’ll be back. We’re all waiting for her. I know, I miss her terribly. So I’m very excited for that. But I feel like time has been flying, and she’s just been on it, on her recovery. So I would assume she’d be back sooner rather than later. And probably before any of us can really imagine.”