Update regarding Drake Wuertz leaving WWE and his apparent backstage heat

As previously noted, Drake Wuertz was one of several names released from WWE on Wednesday.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com noted the following regarding Wuertz leaving WWE…

“There have been a lot of unhappiness with some towards Wuertz for months in some circles, which really began manifesting the last few weeks. He’s already reaching out to independent promotions.”

There was apparently an incident with Wuertz last year and Fightful Select provided details…

“Triple H gave a speech in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw him say (paraphrasing) that all people, races, genders, and religions were welcomed. We were told that when ‘religions’ were mentioned, Wuertz’s attitude immediately changed, and he aggressively gathered his belongings and left.”

Fightful also noted that several wrestles stated how they didn’t feel comfortable around Wuertz and “he was also known to have loudly criticized wrestlers for getting vaccinations or even simple flu shots.”